Why We Love Custom Lip Balm

Fusion Flavor Custom Printed Lip Balm

Fusion Flavor Custom Printed Lip Balm

Simple. It’s refreshing – everybody loves it, am I right? And… it has to be one of the largest bangs for your marketing buck available today. Nobody throws away lip balm until they’ve used every last drop… practically scraping their lips off trying to get that last little bit out of the tube. So doesn’t it make sense that something so beloved and affordable would be a fantastic eco friendly marketing tool?

Of course it does! That’s why I’m going to tell you just a bit about the different eco-friendly custom lip balm options available today. Your clients and prospects will think you’re wonderful for giving them something so useful and enjoyable, and your brand will be represented wonderfully via the high quality of the product, as well as the high-impact custom printed, full-color labels that most formulas offer.

So what’s different about eco-friendly custom lip balm vs. the traditional formulas? The primary difference is that it is not petroleum-based, but instead made with beeswax or any number of different plant oils. In addition to many different types of natural formulas and flavors, there is also USDA Certified Organic options, as well as Vegan formulas! Some of our favorites include fusion flavors, coffee house balms , and Fair Trade formulas. The list of tasty flavors is indeed a long one – that means there’s something for everyone!

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