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What exactly are eco friendly promotional products anyway?

Actually, they'
re a lot of different things! They're products made from recycled or recyclable material, organic or renewable material, and natural or biodegradable material. They are also highly reusable products that replace their traditional one-use, very wasteful counterparts. They are the perfect solution for organizations looking to market themselves affordably and effectively while reducing their environmental footprint. We all know that buying products and services from organizations doing business in a sustainable manner is of increasing importance to many consumers, and that demand is growing every day. Using customized eco friendly promotional products in your marketing campaigns sends a very strong message about your organization's commitment to sustainability.

The eco promotional products that we provide our customers with offer one or more of the following characteristics...
Organic Cotton
Grown without the use of 'synthetic' fertilizers or pesticides. Natural pesticides are allowed and may be used in certain situations.

Products made from natural resources such as cotton, jute, and bamboo - as well as PLA which is made from plant starches. In addition, some plastics contain an FDA approved additive that enables them to eventually biodegrade in a landfill environment.

Products that are made from materials, derived from nature rather than man-made. In the case of lip balm, we only offer those made with a beeswax or plant-derived base rather than a petroleum base.

Products made from either post-consumer or post-industrial recycled material. Post-consumer recycled material comes from plastics that consumers and businesses recycle after they have been used, whereas post-industrial material is waste from the production process that is broken down and reused - sometimes called factory regrind. Some of our products are made from 100% recycled material, while others contain partial recycled material - the percentage is typically called out on our product pages.

Many of the products we offer, particularly water bottles, are made from one of these recyclable plastics...
High-density Polyethylene
recycle code HDPE
recycle code LDPE
recycle code PP
Low-density Polyethylene
The more trash we can keep out of the landfills the better, yes? That's why we offer a large selection of highly reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and shopping bags made from various materials.
In addition to providing our customers with quality eco friendly products, we put safety at the center of every project we work on. We purchase only products that meet federal safety standards, and go over and above that when it comes to the following...

BPA Free Drinkware
All of the water bottles, mugs and cups that we sell are bpa-free. In addition, we do not sell water bottles made from PETE plastic - there are many offered in the promo products world, and while it is bpa-free, it is also widely considered to be a one-time use material and therefore is not a material that we personally feel should be used to make reusable drinkware.

Prop 65 Compliancy
Products shipping into the state of California must exceed federal safety standards by meeting Prop 65 requirements. We are careful to make sure that products we ship into California are Prop 65 compliant.
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