About Us

Founded in March 2007, EcoBrander Promos™ is the leading online supplier of eco friendly promotional items that can be custom printed with your logo. Proudly, our company was the first firm in the country to bring a comprehensive line of eco friendly promotional items to the green marketing community. Since then, we've become a favorite resource among eco marketers all across the U.S.

We're dedicated to providing our clients with a continually growing, extensive selection of environmentally friendly and socially responsible product options - allowing them to easily promote their organization or event in a manner consistent with their values. We make it our business to constantly search out new products to meet or client's needs.

We feel strongly about promoting social equity as well as protecting our planet... therefore, we make a point to offer as many products as possible that are manufactured by companies adhering to Fair Trade principals. In addition, we're very proud to offer many products made in the U.S.A.

How we do business...
One-on-one, personalized service is what we're all about! We're here to help our clients to whatever extent they'd like - if need be, we're always happy to lend our merchandising and marketing expertise when it comes to proposing ideas for that next big project... it's just a part of the service we offer.

Are we green?
Yes, we are. We're continually finding new ways to reduce our own environmental footprint. Our day-to-day business practices include energy conservation, recycling and procurement of eco-friendly office supplies and promotional products.

Making a difference...
It's what we're all about. We choose this particular niche, of offering eco friendly promotional products, because we wanted to use our company as a platform for positive change. We offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated in the shipping of our client's orders, through our partnership with CarbonFund®. In addition, we support reforestation projects through PLANT-IT 2020 via our New Client Eco-Credit program. We're very proud to have been the first company in our industry to exhibit this level of commitment to the environment, and hope to continue to inspire others to do the same.